Magnificent Krakatoa


It was the March 2011, term break so I had a long weekend. Megan invited me to go to Krakatoa with Couch Surfer. SURE! It sounded so cool. 5 of us were ready after school with our backpacks. Ari, my friend who was going to Jakarta gave us ride. Yay for free rides, even though his car did not have enough space for 7 of us. Unfortunately one of us had to sit in the back of the car without seat for 3 hours.

Cicendo-20111122-00341We arrived to Jakarta and had a quick dinner. I met Didi and Leo for first time. They helped me to find out how to get to Bandung from Krakatoa. They made me felt safe for the rest of trip. We hopped in Didi’s car. He drove us to Merak port. Traffic was so bad, so many trucks and cars went to the same directions. They wanted to distribute some goods to Sumatra. Merak is the only way to go there by water.

Didi parked his car and we lined up to ferry with our backpacks. It was large group almost 30 people. Hopefully I’ll be remember their names still. We looked for chairs and sat next to Mia, she looked younger than she was. She was good accompany to travel too. People were nice, I thought it might be a great trip ahead 🙂

cantiThe ferry trip took four hours starting at midnight. We arrived at Bakauheni port, Lampung at 4 a.m and hopped onto public transportation to go to Canti port. It took us 2 hours in the car. It was dark and cold outside but warmer inside cause we shared that car with 13 passengers. When we arrived in Canti, we waited for boat to bring us to Sebesi island where we would stay the night.

While waited for boat, we watched sunrise and ate a breakfast of fried rice. It was around half an hour to get to Sebesi island to drop off our backpacks. We then sailed again to Krakatoa. The magnificent volcano that erupted in the 1800s and caused massive destruction. Now we would see Anak Krakatoa which is still active. We were sharing a boat with 30 people for this journey. Some chose to sit on the top, but my friends and I slept on the lower level. I smelled gasoline and heard engine noises. I felt dizzy every time I woke up but I forced my eyes to stay shut.

Boat was shaking, people were making noise, water came in to the boat. It soaked me and some other passengers as well. I was shocked and I saw high waves tossing the boat. I could not think clearly. I thought this boat was going to sink. I was thinking what should I bring? My phone? My camera? Ah they would be ruined anyway. I looked around to find life jacket. I remembered I had put it somewhere around me. My head was spinning, then I calmed myself down. No worries I could swim. Then I remembered my family at home, I should tell them that I love them. Before I continued with other thought, water splashed me again.

wowThis time I could not hold it anymore. I threw up. It was repeated for 3 or 4 times. San San offered me oil to made me feel better. I did not feel better. There was an American girl who offered me sea sickness pills, I took one. And then…I threw up on Julya! Oops, sorry… I saw Joy was kneelling down and threw up as well. Oh no, what was disaster in the boat. Somehow boatman kept going and stopped his boat when we arrived in Krakatoa. I thought I might stay on the boat instead of climbing the mountain. I thought to myself, I had already spent the whole night getting from Bandung to Krakatoa and I did not take this chance? Shame on me.

So I drank water and tried to walk to beach. It was so peaceful that I could feel my toes on the sand. I thought I might get killed. Joy looked better but she did not want to climb. I walked through the forest with the other survival adventurers. We climbed the steep mountain; it was full of dust and dried trees because it had just erupted several weeks before. We hoped that it would not erupt while we were there. We made it to summit. It was magnificent. We could see the crater, the sea and other volcanos. We walked down and Didi offered us a chance to swim.

under the sea

He gave us snorkels and fins, I put them on and looked at corals and fish. It was relaxing after creepy time in the boat. Time to get back to boat, we prayed this time would be better. It was. We made it safely to Sebesi island. We took turns taking showers before the water ran out. Then we chose our beds. It was hard decision. Some people got spring beds, the rest took sleeping mats. Julya and I let the others pick their bed first. We got the left over, 5 centimeters width single sleeping mat. It looked so dirty and ugly. Never mind just one night.

We walked around the beach and shared coconut water. It was refreshing. I told her I was sorry that I puked on her. She said it was okay. We hung out with our friends while we had dinner. They shared about their experiences on the boat with their own thoughts. Joy thought she would die, she felt like Jonah. She said she supposed to not join this trip.second day

It was not easy to sleep that night. I could feel coldness of floor and mosquitoes kept flying around my ears. I was wishing night time was shorter 🙂 I woke up and had breakfast with group of people who would go snorkeling again this morning. Of course I wanted to join them. There were 10 of us who jumped from the boat and looked at the beauty of under water life. It was fun and lying down on rocks. Some friends tried out their under water camera and coral looked pretty good on it.

lazy rock

We went back and packed our things and got ready for the long ride home. We took big group pictures before we sailed to Canti port, then sat on public transportation hugging our backpacks. We arrived in Bakauheni and had lunch. I tried dragon fruit juice. It was yummy! Then bought banana chips for my family. We took ferry to Merak port and looked for bus to Bandung. They were scheduled to leave at 5 p.m. but the bus was one hour late.

jumpThree hours later, Ari picked us up again near bus terminal. It was 9 p.m. He gave us a ride home. It was an awesome adventure to share. Thanks to all cool people who I met this unforgettable trip. From this trip on, I will never feel sea sick again. I have experienced the worst.


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