Best Deal with Best Friend

IMG00814-20110122-1601Christine, my best friend invited me to go to Malaysia with her and her mom’s friends. She got a really cheap deal on an Air Asia flight. I paid Rp 400,000 for a round trip ticket in January 2011. It would be fantastic trip with my junior high school friend. I hoped her mom and her friends were as cool as Christine.

Her dad picked me up, he looked surprised because I brought just a small backpack while the others brought huge amounts of luggage. We arrived at the Bandung airport at 5. They checked their luggage in baggage but there wasn’t enough space for mine, so I needed to carry my backpack. It was not a good start.

The flight was fine, there was random guy who sat next to me. He said good morning and offered me breakfast. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. There was a van waiting for us to drive us to Genting. The driver preferred to be called uncle. He talked all the time, he was good accompany after 3 hours driving we made it to Genting Highland. The rest of people I went with did not have much confidence in their English, so I was the only one who could talk to uncle.

venice wanna beWe saw Batu Cave and there were tons of Indians with their heads shaved. Uncle told me that they were giving scarification to their gods. Hair was priceless and consider your pride, when someone shaved head means highest devotion for gods. Batu cave is Hindustan temple with giant statue in the front. We had lunch in rest area, I had nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk with chicken, egg and some vegetable). It was tasteless.

first world

We arrived in Genting; checked into our hotel; and got ready to go to theme park. I love theme parks and rides. I wore the most comfortable light shirt, short and jacket. We tried spinning rides, roller coaster and other rides that made our hearts beat faster and our adrenaline to warm our bodies.

There was hand wax statue. The seller thought I was interested in it, so he grabbed my hand and dipped in wax. It looks cool, I had double pointer finger! then I realized that I had lost theme park bracelet. Oh no! If they noticed I could not go on any more rides. The longer we spent there, the colder and colder we became. We took a train to see the theme park from above. Then we went to an indoor theme park when it was dark. We took boat to see around as well as a sky train.

Over all, Outdoor theme park was good place but it looked so old.I should have wear something warmer when I went to highland. Glad that I had tom yum soup for dinner. We walked around the mall and I found cute wooden earrings and an owl necklace. It was just the right way to end the day. We were tempted to go to casino but we were so tired so we decided to slept instead.

The next morning, we took cable car to go down hill. One cable car fits 4-5 passengers. It was nice to ride on it and we could IMG00841-20110123-1024see beautiful highland and were amazed how tall their trees are. Uncle was ready in parking lot and drove us to a chocolate factory. Chocolate is my favorite food in the world. They had tons of chocolate: spicy chocolate (anyone dare to try?); durian chocolate; liquor; fruit filling; dark; white; and milk chocolate.

Uncle drove us to Kuala Lumpur hotel and we went to Sungai Wang mall. It was a good destination if you want to shop. They had good stuff with cheap prizes. As women, we went crazy for the sales and bought some shopping bags then showed each other what purchased.

We had dinner at Alor street and met two guys, Christine’s friend’s relatives who worked there. We had good seafood for dinner. They offered me durian but I had a throat ache, it was not wise decision to eat that fruit even though it looked so delicious.

petronasThe day after we went to the Twin Tower by bus. It was hot outside, so we decided to go to a mall for some window shopping. We had almost gotten lost earlier when we took bus so we decided to travel around the city by train. We went to Kuala Lumpur central then went to another mall. I felt bored with this shopping trip because I couldn’t explore anything. The others seemed to enjoy their time however.

We took taxi to go to China town to buy some souvenirs. I tried air mata kucing (Lo Han Kuo) drink. It was nice to hydrate myself. The locals were not too nice to the tourists and they didn’t seem interested in helping us with directions. I tried speaking in Malay but I could not understand their responses. I tried English they could not understand me. It was a bit frustrating. Glad it was our last day there.

The next morning we went to mall again before heading to the airport to fly to Bandung. Kuala Lumpur itself was okay. It had with tons of malls and a good transportation system. All the malls had nice Chinese New Year decorations. I was happy with that and bought my grandma special cake for that special day and several red envelopes were given to us in our shopping bags.

IMG00828-20110122-1914In airport, right before we checked in my friend forgot to put 2 liters of liquid soap in her luggage. It was a bummer for me, those soaps were for my mom. My friend used my baggage again so I could not check my backpack. I looked around, asking for help. I saw one familiar man. I met him couple years ago, he lived in Bandung. I bet he was on the same flight as us. Thank God. He wanted to help me. He put the soap in his luggage and gave it to me once we arrived in Bandung.



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