A Day in Jungleland

IMG_57782 October 2014, My principal invited me to go Jungle Land, a brand new theme park in Bogor. My answer was an enthusiastic yes. It was a farewell day trip for someone and there would be several other educators in attendance.

I took public transportation at 6 to Istiqamah mosque. I was so excited to try all of the rides. I looked around they were old and few young teaches. Never mind, I would find someone to play with. We were on the bus for almost 3 hours, they kept feeding me cake, candy, nuts, chips and all things that you can chew, that’s what happens if you go with older women. Snacking all the time and lots of talking.


We were supposed to wear red clothes, I could not find one so I wore this jacket. It was a good thing I did because it was really hot in Jungle Land. They had nice jungle decorations at the entrance. I hoped they had really good rides too.

First of all, we went to hall to do farewell party for one of the senior teachers. They exchanged gifts, but I did not bring anything. Oops. No one told me to bring a present. Glad that they did not mind about that.

IMG_5783We went to dinosaur world. They were variety of dinosaur models, insects, and butterflies. It was a cool place especially when they had live science experiments. They had an explosion from tooth paste and detergent. They invited us to come forward to walk on eggs. Rita and I were so excited to try it out. Scientists prepared eggs and asked us to walk on it. I was the first one to try. I was a bit nervous what if I broke all eggs they had. They asked me to hold my breath and walked slowly. Beyond imagination, I did not break them. So did Rita. Scientist told us the secret. You’ll have to visit if you want to find out.

We walked again and tried the Ferris wheel. They said it was biggest Ferris wheel in Indonesia. We felt hungry when we were in the ride. One of the principals gave us french fries she had brought from home. I could see all of Jungle Land and hear people screaming in other ride. Too bad we could not ride anything else since we were in a group.IMG_5815

We walked around and took pictures here and there. Then we saw a pirate ship that we could ride. Yay! They had water guns on the ship. The idea was to attack one ship with another. Old teachers did not want to be wet, so we were the only ship attacked with water. We were wet but happy. We walked out and got ice cream while waiting for the bus.

We had lunch on the bus and headed to Tajur, a shopping place in Bogor. The tour guide told us about Padjajaran kingdom who had defeated another kingdom and made the Sundanese proud. That is the reason why Sundanese do not want to be call Javanese even though they live in West Java. They prefer to say we live in Sunda. A long time ago, it was Padjajaran kingdom, while central Java was Mataram kingdom.

IMG_5780When teachers came to Tajur, they were so excited to buy bags. Some bought small bags for their grandchildren, bags for themselves and one of them bought luggage! I sat in the front of the place and looked for information about going to Jakarta. I really wanted to try train but no one I talked to thought it was a good idea. They told me to find bus to Jakarta. Buses are boring; trains are more fun.

They went to Venus bakery to buy small loves of bread. I said goodbye and continued my own journey to Jakarta. Everyone looked worry when I put my backpack on, they kept saying that I should be careful. I told them I would and hopped onto a public transportation bus. During the ride I remembered my first solo trip to Bogor. Ah sweet memories, I could make that trip by myself. I could do this one too. The driver dropped me off at the train station. I bought a ticket to Jakarta and chose a destination to meet my friend, Lizzy, at. I went to female train and read my book. Train started to go and I felt asleep. It took me around 1.5 hour to go to Jakarta. I walked and hopped on another bus from the train station in Jakarta. I had dinner while waiting there for my friend.


We met after I finished my dinner and walked to Monas, a Jakarta landmark. It was quiet and nice at night. The weather was perfect too. We laid down on the ground observed the polluted capital sky and talked about life. We bought ice cream from a man who came by. It was great place to have ice cream. Yummy. I sent a text to my principal that I had arrived safely in Jakarta. There was nothing to worry about. Keep asking and you will find the way 🙂



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