Farewell and Birthday

IMG_1103End of June 2012, Megan, my friend would be leaving this country so we planned a farewell trip for her. She wanted to go to Batu Karas so we booked tickets to go there. On the 28th of June 2012 at 5 p.m six of us gathered in the McDonald at Setiabudhi. A 4848 van came and picked us up. In the beginning it was just us so we could sit wherever we wanted. Twenty minutes later, we picked up someone else who was carrying 300 ceramic plates for party. We were shocked how those plates could survive without any boxes.IMG_1131

Time went by and we were still in Bandung. For 2 hours we continued to pick up other passengers and their stuff. The last person was carrying cloth materials. The Van was full of people and stuff by the time we finally left Bandung. The driver smoked along the way and one of my friends started to cough. One by one passengers were dropped off and at midnight we owned that van again.

It was 2 a.m by the time we arrived in Batu Karas after almost 1 hour off road driving. The driver dropped us at the hostel. We were glad that hostel owner was still awake and let us in. Four hours later, my friend told us that she might go back to Bandung because she felt sick. We felt bad for her and let her go. We waved goodbye to her and walked to beach where we found some jelly fish on the sand. We hung out there and had lunch while watching people do water sports such as banana boat, flying fish, and surfing. Some families sat on a mat and started their picnic. Megan chose to read her book while the others walked around and looked for souvenirs to bring home.

IMG-20120630-03189We walked to the hill and found a hidden beach and rocks. We saw small creatures inside the rock and that there was cave near there. We watched a wave tossed to the tallest rock. Then we walked back to have dinner and enjoyed stars twinkling for us. Our friend called to let us know they had already arrived in Bandung and went to doctor. Too bad they could not stay with us here. We met the hostel owners and asked them whether we could rent motorbike for tomorrow. They said we could, we paid Rp 50,000/motorbike. I chose Jamaican motorbike that matched with my rasta hair.

Next morning, June 30th was my birthday 😉 I woke up and ran to the beach for the sunrise. My friend ran after me and wrote “birthday” on the sand. We went back and got ready to go to Green Canyon by wearing all the green clothes we had. We drove around one hour and stopped at a bamboo bridge for a while. Then we drove again to Green Canyon, it was full of tourist. While we lined up there were some men who tried to sell us more expensive tickets with their own boat. We were not interested in it so we stayed in our line.IMG_1169

We made it to the front of the line  on the boat. We were amazed with the place. It was amazing how tall the rocks were, all the plants and the slow stream. We stopped at waterfall, you could take a dip there, climb and jump, go swimming, or do body rafting. I really wanted to try but we ran out of time. We could not stay any longer. We needed to go back to Batu Karas before dark. We ate in seafood restaurant, a friend told us it might be her last seafood meal since she would marry an Adventist who does not eat seafood. We went back to hostel and played games until we felt asleep.IMG_1186

We found a transportation to take us to Bandung but they charged us a lot more than we spent to get here. Megan needed to go back to catch her flight, so we packed our things and left that place after breakfast. We had nice breakfast in the nicest place. We wondered why we did not find it on the first day. They served pancake and milkshake.

This trip was relaxing one. We laid on the beach under the sun; ate rujak (fresh fruit with peanut sauce); took bunch of pictures’ and took nap in hammock. Batu Karas was nice place because they have less visitors compared to Pangandaran beach. I heard that you could learn to surf in this place too but beware of jelly fish sting.IMG-20120629-03117


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